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Before The Oyster empties out for Thanksgiving and the turkey comas begin, the Pearl Brands team wanted to share what we’re thankful for this holiday season. You’ll notice a few reccurring themes (i.e., Chex Mix and local watering holes). But all silliness aside, we agree that we can get through anything as long as we have each other, our families, and our health. No grit, no pearl, right? So here they are in each Pearl’s own, raw words. Our list of thanks.

Matt Galbraith | Designer, Photo-Videographer
There are so many things to be thankful for, but no one can deny listing tacos, amusing animal videos, Narwhals, coffee and those little bagel chips from Chex™ Mix.

Mike Girard | Creative Director
I’m thankful for the surgery that kept my ticker ticking, the opportunities that keep my creativity challenged, and the people who keep me motivated to push myself. Oh…and fresh peanuts in the barrel at Cowboy Up!

Katie Kupser | Account Service Coordinator
I am thankful for coworkers that create killer projects for our clients but, also participate in desk karaoke and enjoy the occasional fart joke. I’m thankful for a team who always reminds me to take my work seriously, but never myself too seriously. I am thankful for the random people of Downtown Fort Myers who always let me pet their dogs (the obsession is real). I am thankful for my teachers at Yoga Bird Studio for being brave enough to let me begin my Registered Yoga School 200-hour teacher training in a few months. I am most thankful for my significant other, Kenyon, and my family for stumbling through this crazy thing called life with me.

Sean McIntosh | Web Strategy Manager
There are so many things to be thankful for. From having a roof over my head, food to eat, a great family and to break dancing with my co-workers in the office. To not belabor the amount of stuff I could convey about my gratitude for many things in life here are a few things for which I have recently found myself grateful.

A big one for me is 3 Pepper Burrito Company in Downtown Fort Myers. When I order their burrito, it’s like they have taken the time to wrap up a warm, delicious gift that I get to unwrap and enjoy. Give it a try and you’ll be filled with gratitude (and other stuff) too.

I am compelled to give a shout-out to the new Beck album. I’m not what I would consider a “follower” of his music. Although I have enjoyed a few songs here and there, I recently stumbled on his new album and I can’t stop listening to it. It’s diverse, catchy and fun to listen to while you’re running. It’s im”beck”able.

I’ll round off my thankful list with a shaved face. Currently I (and many of my coworkers) do not have a clean shaved face (No-shave November #cancerawarenss #menshealth). Sometimes what we don’t have makes us thankful for the times when we do have. I realize that my wife and my kids don’t give me kisses nearly as much as when my face is clean shaven. When you have a beautiful red-headed family that slows the frequency of their affection because of a very coarse, prickly beard you start to miss the shaved face that your family is familiar with and obviously prefer. I could say more but I’ll “shave” it for later.

This isn’t everything that I could point out but just a few that are currently on my mind. Have a great Thanksgiving and share your gratitude with all that you’re around whether they deserve it or not.

Scott Qurollo | President
I get out of bed every morning and am thankful for coffee. I get to work, and am thankful for more coffee. I am thankful for bottomless bags of Chex Mix (Bold, not regular) whispering my name from the office kitchen. I am thankful for our meetings specialist, Bobby at Cowboy Up, for the Ball jars and peanuts. I am thankful for another year of growth, a finely tuned agency team, and for the loyal and new clients who place their trust in us.

Dominic Tricase | Account Service Manager
I’m thankful that my wife lets me travel with her. From vacations to Asia and the Middle East to long weekend trips to NY, I am one lucky dude. Can’t forget about our puppy Willow and my pearl coworker Katie, for watching her when we are out exploring the world.

Lindsay Yager | Creative Director
I’m grateful for everyone and everything in my life, but I think today’s list would boil down to:
1. Successfully surviving our first hurricane just two months after relocating to Florida.
2. Temperatures finally dipping below 80.
3. The dark, flavorful beers that come along with item #2.
4. Tamales.
5. Working alongside this ride-or-die team of ours.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving from your friends at Pearl Brands!

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