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It's not easy to choose the cookie
It’s not easy to choose the cookie
May 20, 2020
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April 1, 2020

Nobody's immune. That’s the mantra for everything lately.

We help brands tell their stories and wanted to grow our marine and hospitality roster. In recent months, we assembled a marketing plan for our most evasive client: ourselves.

We nailed our positioning, message, target audience, even a clever media plan for our microscopic budget.

The plan: geofenced social ads around industry expos and conventions. This is where our audience would be congregating and in the mindset of growing their brands.

Smart, right? We thought so. Until March when one by one, these events got cancelled.

It felt like the foundation of our marketing house crumbled before we even got to hang the curtains.

But wait.

The landscape changed, but we hadn't. We realized the value we provide (niche marketing expertise + nimble efficiency) is now more necessary than ever.

What looked like failure at first began looking more like opportunity.

We had to let go of some ideas and come up with new ones. That shouldn’t scare us, it's what we do.

If your plans are on fire, you're not alone. Bust out the marshmallows and find new perspective—and even opportunities—in the ashes.